This December 9th, join us for the Burning of the Devil, QUEMA DEL DIABLO, our take on the Guatemalan tradition of burning effigies of the devil at yearend—clearing the bad from the previous year and rising anew from the ashes.

Traditionally held in the city square, we will be hosting the event at the spiritual center of the desert, the Joshua Tree Retreat Center. There will be bands, art installations, food and vendors—culminating with a parade of devils before the big burn. Campsites will also be available so attendees can revel well into the night.

People think devil imagery and fire is an evil thing. It’s not true. You can kind of vent with it. 

Rolo Castillo, curator of the evening, wants to create an event that combines holiday tradition with an opportunity for artistic expression, not only the artists and musicians involved, but for the participants. Like many of us who may be the black sheep of our families, we come together during a time that can be tough and celebrate our creativity and use a symbolic act of purification to let go of the blues.



Wanna share your demons? Yes you will: